Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dirty Girl - Old School Tut

This tut was made using PSP9
Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.

Supplies Needed:
Tube of choice. I used one by Elizabeth Austin. 
You need a license to use this tube. You can purchase this tube at Creative Design Outlet.

Font of choice I used:

Plugins needed:
Mura Meister - Copies
Xenofex - Constellation
AAA Frames - Foto Frame


New image 600x250 Transparent

Open tube, copy and paste as a new layer.
Effects, Plugins, Mura Meister, Copies with settings as pictured below:

Take your Crop Tool and crop to the size of the tag.
Adjust, Blur, Motion Blur: Angel 45 Strength 100.
Effects, Edge Effects, Enhance.

Take your Text Tool:
Font - Brush Script
Size - 36
Color - #3b2338
Type the word Dirty Girl or any other saying you might want to use.
Objects, Align, Center in Canvas.
Convert layer into a raster layer.
Effects, Plugins, Mura Meister, Copies with settings as pictured below:

Change the Blend Mode to Overlay, Opacity 50%.
Merge down this layer with the background layer.

Copy and paste your tube as a new layer. Look at my tag for an example.

Click on the merged background layer. 
Effects, Plugins, Xenofex, Constellation with settings as pictured below:

Merge all layers visible.

Effects, Plugins, AAA Frames, Foto Frame with settings as pictured below:

Add your copyright information and text.


Examples of tags made with my tut:





  1. Thanks for the great tut! Going to hang onto this one and try it again (and again and again lol) Had a lot of nice compliments on the tag/extras/wallpaper I made using this tut!

    1. I am so glad that you like the tut Diana. I am glad that it was easy to follow and that you want to try it over and over again. That makes me smile.

    2. Have a few more ideas now to try out. Probably will this coming week. It's so very versatile. I hope a lot try it out.